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Discover our high quality 4G proxy solutions. A stable, secure and fast connection to carry out any type of operation without risks.
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Datacenter, Residential or 4G Proxy?

What is the difference between 4G Proxy and Residential Proxy? Here are the advantages

4G Mobile Proxy

  • ✅ Undetectable
  • ✅ Keep your account safe
  • ✅ IP Auto Rotation
  • ✅ Top Quality Italian IP addresses
  • ✅ Traffic coming from a real business SIM card

Datacenter/Residential Proxy

  • ❌ Easily identifiable
  • ❌ They damage your social account
  • ❌ You cannot rotate your IP
  • ❌ Low quality IPs
  • ❌ Often recognized as a bot

A solution for every bot

Thanks to our configurable IP rotation, the IP address of your 4G dedicated mobile proxy can change automatically allowing you to carry out any type of activity on any type of social network.

The Advantages of 4G mobile proxies

Social Network e Scraping

Thanks to 4G proxies, botting and scraping activities carried out on websites and social networks will not be blocked, allowing you to continue the activity in total safety.

Unlimited Traffic

All of our proxies have no limits on data traffic or number of requests, ensuring that even the most traffic-intensive activities don't get interrupted.

24/7 Support

The dedicated customer support section is active 7 days a week, 365 days a year, guaranteeing you technical support for any problem.

Dynamic IPs

IP rotation can be customized for each situation; this allows you to stay safe and avoid blocks. In addition IP rotation can be triggered programmatically via our Python API.

Immediate Activation

After purchasing or adding a 4G Mobile Proxy to your account, its activation will be immediate allowing you to use it without any activation delays.

Dedicated Sim

Each 4G Proxy has a dedicated business SIM card, ensuring complete independence and no data traffic conflicts with other users.

No activity will be blocked or limited

• Instagram
• Facebook
• TikTok
• Linkedin
• And More...

We have the right 4G proxy for your business. We know the limits of the various social networks and for this reason we have designed a 4G Dedicated Proxy for each of these, so that you can carry out any activity without worrying about IP limitations and IP reputation.


Here are some reviews from some of our customers.

Picture of testimonial Giorgio C.

"I have an Instagram growth agency. Many providers sell you 4G proxies that are shared with dozens of users without telling you and this has damaged my business. Proxyplanet guarantees dedicated 4G proxies and since I switched to ProxyPlanet I have never had an issue with my proxies."

Giorgio C. GrowNow Agency

Picture of testimonial Laura T.

"I am a social media manager and I manage dozens of accounts on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. Using publishing and post scheduling software, ProxyPlanet's 4G proxies allowed me to prevent my accounts from being blocked."

Laura T. Freelancer

Picture of testimonial Armando D.

"Our data anlysis company needed stable proxies, fast and with 24/7 technical assistance. We found all this with the Proxyplanet. The team also adapted a their solution to our needs and we are very satisfied with them."

Armando D. Anadatacom

Why ProxyPlanet?

We are a company of experts based in Italy in Benevento. Our structure is active 24 hours a day all year round to ensure stability, security and reliability in proxy management.
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Top quality 4G Proxy

Customizable IP Rotation

Refresh IP API

Unlimited Traffic

Dedicated SIM

24/7 Support

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